Our servies include :-

  •  Internal and external tank cleaning
    involving high performances  in automatic mechanical cleaning system, effective and efficient with minimal working time;
  • In-service repairs
    with minor or major job’s attention that may include shell inserts grinding, polishing, welding exterior tank cladding and  others as required and which are being carried out by our technical experts in the latest available repair
  •  Inspection and periodual testing
    will be carried out according to ITCO ACC standards with customary repair criteria
  •  surveys conducted by BV
    qualified  third  party class surveyor covering :-
    –  in/out gate pre-inspection
    –  cleanliness  and general condition
    –   on and off hire procedures
    –   gas  free inspections
    – 2 ½ and/or 5 years air and/or hydro periodical tests as required
    –  leaks and/or steam tests
  • Refurbishments  and modifications
    as requested by client’s  requirements.
  •  Other services
    include :
    – emergency out of depot attendances
    – steam heating of liquid cargoes
    – sand blasting and painting
    – internal tank lining
    – valve calibrations
    – liquid cargo transfers
    – tank residue  dispisal
    – and other relevant  services as requested  by clients.

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