Premier Depot Solutions Co.,Ltd. (or PDS in short) started their operations in the year 2010 initially as an Inland Container Depot in the Sri Racha district close to the Laem Chabang Port to serve container shipping, freight forwarding, logistics and other Companies in the storage and repairs of dry shipping containers.

With a forward vision in expanding their business services and to accommodate the various Company’s requirements in the integrated concept of providing a full consolidated container depot services, a dedicated ISO tank cleaning and repair services were introduced and added to the container depot late in the year 2011 thereby expanding the Company’s service requirements.

     PDS after 2 years operations have expanded and now has been considered as one of the major ISO tank cleaning and repair operators in Thailand The Company has attained the full ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO-14001 certification in the year 2014 and has followed up further being successful in achieving @TCO standard accrediction in September 2016.

     PDS depot is one of the ITCO membership.

     ITCO has more than 170 member companies from various Business Divisions within the tank container industry : Operators of tank containers, who offer the complete logistical service to customers. Lessors of tank containers, who lease standard and specialized tank containers to the industry as well as operators. Manufacturers of tank containers, components and ancillary equipment, Service providers, such as depots, maintenance, repair, cleaning, inspection & survey companies as well as IT specialists.



Main office 77/90-91 Sinn Sathorn Tower, 22nd Floor, Krungdhonburi Road, Klongtonsai, Klongsarn, Bangkok 10600, Thailand
Locality of Depot 199 Moo 1, Tungsukhla, Sri Racha Chonburi 20230, Thailand
was established 2010
Juristic Company No. 0105553012464  dated 26/01/2010
Registered with paid capital Baht. 30,000,000.-
Total number of staff and technicians 34


Area Total Area (sqm.) 20,250
Storage Capacity Able to store (TEUS) 800
Flooring Fully reinforced cement flooring thickness 20 Cm.
Location in Sri Racha located  and away from the nearest port   (LCB 8 km. Kerry Port  1.5m) AV
Security Fully fenced with external lighting, 24 hours surveillance CCTV systems and with security guards at the main gate AV
Personel (Manpower) Total employees inclusive of Management, HR Admin, Finance Accounts, Legal, Marketing, Operations, etc. 30
Cleaning Bays Sections  of cleaning bays in the cleaning shed for seperate cleaning of food grade and chemicals 8
Lifting/Handling Equipments Mechanised 25 ton 3 height container lift stacker 2
3.5 tons forlklifts 2
Repair Capability Medium repair facility : Replacement of major components (corner post etc.), cladding repairs, minor pitting repairs, and periodic testing. AV
Appointed Testing Authority First class appointed surveying company for periodical testing certification – 2.5 yrs. Air test or 5 yrs hydro Test AV
Appointed Cleanliess Inspecting Authority First class appointed surveying company for cleanliness inspection AV
Cleaning Systems Fully automated cleaning & Bio-reactor waste treatment system with touch-screen PLC for proper cleaning residue disposal. Waste Settlement is put into filter press and the cake sludge is sent for incineration. AV
Treatment Systems Waste water effluent  final discharge are  administered, treated, and supervised by an independent chemical consultant in accordance with the Thai Environmental Authorities regulations. AV
Accreditations Standard ISO 9001;2008, ISO 14001;2008, GMP, Approved @TCO (ITCO) Certified Yes
Safety Measures Safety warning sign-boards such as No Smoking, Flammable Materials, Speed Limited, Goggles,etc. and full safety standard procedures are adopted and implemented against fire precautions. AV
(Remarks :  AV = available)

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